Friday, January 21, 2011

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Ducktails - Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamic

If you want to hear something simple i Ducktails are certainly not the way indicated. The first approach is the brainchild of Matthew Mondanile one that will displace you and confusing, and an album as 'Landscape' was able to express this 'splendid misery' in an elegant and personal. How to make even better an already perfect? How to avoid ruining a great atmosphere? The answer is contained for much of the eleven tracks on the new job Mondanile, 'Arcade Dynamics'. Let's start with a feature so marginal as important as the introduction of the song, previously absent, and now (even this very small) helps create an atmosphere of catchy in its own way. The voice of Matthew arricchise precious melodies like that of 'Hamilton Road' while remaining in the typical size of the sound Ducktailks. The quality of this album is therefore to be able to broaden the horizons of listening to the project without distorting it, improving them where maybe it was too heavy for the more adventurous listeners. There are still the most classic pieces made only of simple melodies that keep the spirit of Mondanile and his quirky lo-fi creature. I also want to point out that, along with the aforementioned 'Hamilton Road', is the best track of the album: I speak of 'Killin' The Vibe 'a piece that sees the collaboration of Benjamin Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear.


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